News and Legislation

ASPCA – June 2013

Dear Illinois Advocates,

The Illinois State Legislature adjourned recently, and we want to bring you up to date on some very important victories for animals in 2013. These legislative victories were hard-won and due in part to your efforts—we are very grateful to those of you who took the time to write, call or visit your legislators on the ASPCA’s priority bills in the Prairie State.

We are now in the final stretch and need your help just one more time to ensure these bills are signed into law by the Governor:

HB 83 – SIGNED INTO LAW 7/22/13!
Dogs who live their entire lives at the end of a chain suffer physically and emotionally. The psychological trauma tethered dogs experience leads to fear and aggression. Tethered dogs are more likely to bite than dogs who are free. This bill will improve the lives of dogs who are continually tethered.

Under current law, the only option for stray farm animals is to send them to auction where they will be sold for slaughter. This bill provides for humane options for stray farm animals such as adoption or placement in a sanctuary, and if the animal is in poor health, humane euthanasia.

It is critical that our local authorities are trained to identify animal fighting and effectively address the animal abuse and severe dangers to public safety that comes with this cruel blood sport. This bill will establish an animal fighting training program for local law enforcement officers.

Pet shops should be held financially responsible for selling sick puppies, most of whom come from puppy mills. This bill will not only protect consumers, but will expose the dog breeding facilities that put profit ahead of the well-being of the animals.


Legislators passed these bills because you all let them know you care deeply about animal protection—you sent emails, made phone calls, and many of you even met with your legislators in person at Illinois Voices for Animals Day!

Once again, we are so thankful to work with you and our outstanding partners in Illinois.

Thanks for being part of our team,

Vicki Deisner,
ASPCA State Legislative Director – Midwest Region

P.S. I have one final request! Governor Quinn still needs to sign these bills in order for them to become law. Call his office at 217-782-0244, then follow up with an email encouraging him to sign all four of these humane bills!