Emergency Services

There are times in our lives when we are each faced with challenges we can not tackle alone and we need to reach out for help. This is true in all types of relationships, even those with our pets. We love our pets very much, but sometimes life with them can be difficult.

  • You may have recently been laid off and are having trouble affording the supplies your pet needs to stay healthy and happy.
  • Your pet may be experiencing some health issues that are requiring veterinary care that you can’t afford.
  • You might be suddenly losing your home and need help finding pet friendly accommodations quickly.
  • You love your new puppy, but you just can’t get that house training down pat.
  • Your once cute little puppy may now be a big strong teenager and you need help learning to properly handle him.
  • Your cat may have started going to the bathroom outside the litter box and you’re not sure why.

If you are experiencing any of these pet challenges, or any other similar challenge, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve all faced our own pet challenges and have sought the help of others too at one time or another.

Please use the resources on this website to assist you in finding the help you need. And if you need further assistance, call our hotline or send us an email.

Hotline: 312-PALF-315
Email: help@petsarelikefamily.org


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