Non-Profit Partner of the Month

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Non-Profit Partner of the Month

The Anti-Cruelty Society

Our Mission

Building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people.

The Anti-Cruelty Society shall:

  • Provide compassionate care for any animal in need
  • Attempt to find a home for every healthy or rehabilitatable dog and cat that comes to us
  • Intervene to prevent cruelty to animals
  • Partner with the community to educate on animal issues and inspire compassion and respect
  • Provide low or no cost spaying or neutering


We will provide the best quality animal care through:

  • Collaboration—only through partnerships and relationships can we achieve our mission
  • Excellence—we will strive to have a best practice model in all that we do
  • Professionalism—we will act with integrity and in an ethical manner
  • Leadership—we will plan for the next generation of issues that will impact our organization,
    our community and pets
  • Communication—we will fearlessly outline and communicate our commitment
    to being advocates for animals
  • Transparency—we support the Asilomar Accords and proudly and publicly report our statistics


At The Anti-Cruelty Society we believe:

  • In an open door policy—we will not turn away any animal in need
  • There are no time limits placed on any animal in our care
  • That no healthy or rehabilitatable pet should be euthanized
  • The key to pet overpopulation is sterilization
  • That education can prevent cruelty, abuse and neglect and promote responsible pet ownership
  • If an animal’s quality of life is severely compromised, euthanasia is the humane alternative

Since 1899...

Since 1899, The Anti-Cruelty Society has been committed to caring for animals and the community.

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